Avengers 4 Will Feature Gamora and Time Travel. Are These Pictures of Gamora a Proof that Shuts Down All the Rumours?

It appears that the upcoming AVENGERS 4 is going to be even more dramatic as the speculation has taken another turn with pics of Gamora that suggest time travel will play a central role.

Avengers 4 might feature Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy 1 (Image: Marvel)

Gamora is the adopted daughter of Thanos. In Avengers Infinity War, Thanos’ decision to kill his daughter, Gamora left the fans in shock.

Zoe Saldana played the role of Gamora, a significant character in Guardians of the Galaxy. The fate of the pivotal character, Gamora in the future is now being discussed.  Because the pictures featuring Gamora and Nebula fuel Time travel theory; Especially after the digital release of Infinity War.

SuperheroNick, the Reddit user has also shared a photo taken by Zoe Saldana last year. The picture shows Zoe Saldana as Gamora wearing the same costume from first iteration of Guardians of the Galaxy.

She told E!, “At least for me, it felt like a [to be continued], because I knew that we will have to all come back, at some point this fall, and finish up the fourth instalment of Avengers.”

The confession she made about her return to the sets of Avengers became a spoiler hinting that she might be the key aspect of movie.

Currently, Zoe Saldana’s old Instagram post has resurfaced. In the video she is getting ready to play the character of Gamora again and the look is quite similar to the 2014’s Guardians of Galaxy.

This explains that Avengers 4 will not only bring back Gamora, but Time Travel will also be an important plot point.

Zoe Saldana’s old Instagram post fuels the time travel theory.

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Gamora has a cold.

A post shared by Zoe Saldana (@zoesaldana) on

Is this true that Avengers will travel back in time? The time period when the events of Guardians of the Galaxy took place to change the outcome in the future?

It’s confirmed that Zoe Saldana would be back for the reshoots. But there’s still some chances that the fans will get flashbacks only rather than time travel.

Besides, there are other possibilities that could render this whole discussion moot, if considered.

Image: Marvel

It’s all but guaranteed that Avengers 4 will include Nova, X-Men, Gamora including other Avengers Infinity War’s dead characters. As it’s confirmed that many of them will return for future Marvel Movies beyond Avengers 4.

So whatever be the case, many of the fallen characters will be back somehow and be seen in the Marvel’s upcoming movie.

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