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This 86 Year Old Grandma Proves How Yoga Can Keep You Young!


It’s never past the point where it is possible to do anything on the off chance that you have confidence in yourself. This proverb has been proven by the 86-years-young Anna Pesce. For quite a long time, Anna Pesce experienced the consistent throbs brought about by a herniated circle, scoliosis, and osteoporosis all moved together.

This hunchback-like stance left her in a great deal of agony. She had attempted different expert, and specialists and lot of treatments. In any case, none could help her and things simply continued deteriorating and more awful. In any case, then, Pesce chose to give yoga a shot and began a normal yoga rehearse.

At in the first place, the yoga postures were difficult, however in the end, her condition started to get enhance and she started to feel more grounded. Furthermore, inside a few months, Pesce experienced a radical change. This change is wonderful physically as well as in her general every day life. So, this is how yoga can keep you young!

Watch her entire story in this video:

Anna suffered from a hunchback-like posture. She started a regular yoga practice..

anna pesce yoga

Yoga has been shown to help treat and prevent orthopedic problems. She is the latest example.. how yoga can keep you young!


Her story is truly inspiring that she started yoga at 86.

yoga can keep you young

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