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Poonam Pandey And Her Crazy Tweets!

poonam pandey

We all know the reason why Poonam Pandey is famous and we would love it if she stayed on for that reason. But no, she has to open her mouth! Can’t Poonam just post her racy images on Twitter instead of blabbering so much of foolish stuff?

1) She Tweets:
“It’s really tough to carry a saree.”

Ticker Take: Poonam Pandey, if we wanted to see anyone in a saree we would be watching saas-bahu serials, the only reason why you are popular is because you hardly wear a saree!

poonam saari

2) She Tweets: “The only time I’ll sleep until noon is… if it’s Sunday morning, rain is falling + I’m in a lace bra.”

Ticker Take: Could we get a live telecast of every Sunday of yours? It’s an earnest request!

poonam pandey bra

3) She Tweets: “Who Jaan Hi Kya Jisme Rooh Nahi, Woh Dil Hi Kya Jisme Tu Nahi….”

Ticker Take: ‘Wo Din Hi Kya, Jisme Poonam ka Photo Nahi; Woh Poonam Hi Kya, Jispe Bikini Nahi?’

poonam pandey sexy look

4) She Tweets: “Pleeease me… I’m not the only one that puts on a regular bra on then a sports bra just to workout.”

Ticker Take: No Poonam. Guys with man boobs do so too!

poonam pandey sports bra

5) She Tweets: “Tweethearts! Let me Know How was #PoonamPandeyIceBucketChallenge. FAVOURITE if it was Hotter & RETWEET for Hottest.”

Ticker Take: Are you telling us that if we FAVORITE and RETWEET, you’d do the Ice Bucket Challenge again? IN LESSER CLOTHES? If yes, prepare to start trending!

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